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Therapists Deserve Good Tech

Our journey began in 2019 within a private practice in Tennessee - Sidekick Therapy Partners. The first project tackled was solving the cumbersome process of Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) billing. A task that once consumed weeks for the admin team was distilled into a mere 5-minute process. As we progressed, more features were added, morphing into a full-fledged proprietary EMR for Sidekick Therapy Partners. This first system, named "Cue," would ultimately pave the way for the birth of Ambiki.

What Sets Us Apart

Ambiki Team
Holistic Team

Our clinicians know technology; our developers understand healthcare. A combination that ensures a product deeply attuned to therapists' needs.

Cutting-Edge and Clean UX

With exclusive features such as AI tools and Tenalog™, Ambiki’s sleek interface and simple user experience outshine traditional EMRs.

Tailored for SLPs, OTs, and PTs
Tailored for SLPs, OTs, and PTs

Ambiki is meticulously designed for the specific nuances and unique challenges of SLP, OT, and PT practice management.

Pivotal Moments in Ambiki's Journey

The Genesis of the Name "Ambiki"

In a field rife with similar EMR tool names, we sought distinction. Ambiki (æm-bI-ki) blends the English "ambitious" and the Japanese "kioku," meaning record or memory. Rooted in our core value of ambition, we aspire to streamline practices and therapists' work by adeptly handling essential data, thereby enhancing your business operations and patient care.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


To become the industry-leading platform that advances the standard of therapy delivery for speech, occupational, and physical therapists.


To improve lives through innovative solutions in the fields of speech, occupational, and physical therapy.


Experience the Ambiki Difference

Discover our credibility, unique culture, and unwavering commitment to providing therapists and business owners with cutting-edge technology and support

Join us on our journey, where Ambiki's vision, mission, and values drive every aspect of our products.

We want you on our team.

Meet the team

Jarred Baker - Ambiki
Jarred Baker
Lukong Isaac Nsoseka - Ambiki
Lukong Isaac Nsoseka
Kimberly Luster (COTA) - Ambiki
Kimberly Luster (COTA)
Kevin Dias - Ambiki
Kevin Dias
Samuel Okoth - Ambiki
Samuel Okoth
Kurt Meyerhofer - Ambiki
Kurt Meyerhofer
Patrick Ijima-Washburn - Ambiki
Patrick Ijima-Washburn
Susan Mason (CCC-SLP) - Ambiki
Susan Mason (CCC-SLP)
Sue Melone - Ambiki
Sue Melone
Kaylee Janes - Ambiki
Kaylee Janes
Jason Ellis - Ambiki
Jason Ellis
Michelle Elmasri (CCC-SLP) - Ambiki
Michelle Elmasri (CCC-SLP)
Bethany Ayer (OTR/L) - Ambiki
Bethany Ayer (OTR/L)
Charlotte Rodriguez - Ambiki
Charlotte Rodriguez
Abeid Ahmed - Ambiki
Abeid Ahmed

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