Features tailored to the needs of SLPs, OTs, and PTs

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Tools for therapists

Ambiki's has many easy-to-use tools to help therapists in their daily practice. All content has been curated by a team of therapists and tagged against the most comprehensive taxonomy in the industry.


Features built specifically for SLPs, OTs, and PTs to enable a safe, fun, and HIPAA-compliant session

Ambiki - Safe Oasis™ de-identified group teletherapy
Safe Oasis™ de-identified group teletherapy - the safe and HIPAA-compliant way to do group teletherapy
Ambiki - Green Screen
Transport yourself to any environment with Ambiki's Green Screen
Ambiki - Click Beacon™
Click Beacon™ - The HIPAA-compliant way to see where your patient clicks
Manage your patient's experience

Ambiki's teletherapy platform was developed and built alongside SLPs, OTs, and PTs at Sidekick Therapy Partners. One of its many unique features is that it puts the therapist in total control of the patient's screen and layout to help you keep them engaged (show/hide their video, show/hide timers and chat, and more).

Kiki - Ambiki teletherapy platform
A full-featured EMR (electronic medical record) system Coming soon!

Ambiki initially started as the internal EMR system for Sidekick Therapy Partners and includes all the features needed to run a practice of 200+ employees.

  • Scheduling
  • Insurance billing
  • Therapist and employee billing and payroll management
  • Patient records
  • Patient document alerts and caseload management
  • Visit notes
  • Evaluations and care plans
  • Audit tools
  • Doctor order faxing
  • Practice knowledgebase
  • Financial and practice management dashboards
  • and much, much more...
Ambiki - Kiki
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