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Jessica Lenden-Holt

Meet Jessica Her path to better practice

Treating many students across multiple grades, Jessica aims to keep up with evidence-based practice (EBP) for everyone on her caseload.

Previously, it was a challenge to easily find the right materials and activity lists to use. However, with Ambiki, Jessica is quickly able to find resources, activity lists, and goals that meet the specific needs of her patients. She uses Ambiki's helpful resource calendar to make planning a breeze.

Jessica was pleasantly surprised to discover she could even use her activity lists in Ambiki's free games!

Improved patient outcomes

Signing up for a free account gives Jessica new features

Ambiki - Favorites
Jessica favorites goals she uses frequently.
Ambiki - Resource library
She accesses the Resource Library she uses both in-person or via teletherapy.
Ambiki - Visual schedule
She makes customized visual schedules for her patients.

Connected therapy data saves time

When Jessica signed up for a paid account on Ambiki, she gained access to new features such as Ambiki’s world-class teletherapy platform – the first and only platform to feature Safe Oasis™ de-identified group teletherapy.

Jessica has completed over 270 sessions on Ambiki's platform - while also fulfilling her duties as the full-time Clinical Lead at Sidekick Therapy Partners!

With Ambiki teletherapy she is in control to make sure her patients have the best experience. She can easily manage their screen and experience for them. One of her favorite tools to use is the green screen.

Ambiki teletherapy platform

Collaboration, community, and competence

Jessica created a profile on Ambiki which highlights her various specialty fields as well as the content she has contributed to Ambiki. She loves creating, and getting paid for, resources that show off her expertise while helping other therapists along the way.

Jessica Lenden-Holt profile
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