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Ambiki's tools were created and curated by a team of therapists who know how difficult it is to find quality resources...or find the time to plan great sessions. Our content is tagged against the most comprehensive taxonomy in the industry, and you can trust that everything on Ambiki has been vetted and tested in therapy by clinicians like yourself.

With Ambiki, you get access to everything you need to succeed in your therapy sessions. Whether you're looking for visual schedules, PDF resources, Activity Lists, games, or goal banks - you'll find everything you need and more!

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Goal Bank and Builder

Visual Schedules

PDF Resources

Goal Bank and Builder

Effective therapy session planning starts with great goals. Browse Ambiki's bank of short- and long-term goals and modify as needed. Or use the goal builder to create your own.

Try out Ambiki's Goal Bank ->

Goal Bank
Ambiki's Goal Bank -- Customize goals to fit your specific needs
Goal Builder
Ambiki's Goal Builder -- Easily ensure your goal includes all of the important components
Visual Schedules

Prepare patients for what's coming next with visual schedules. Using a series of pictures, visual schedules communicate the steps of an activity or a set of activities. Ease transitions, focus on the task at hand, and reward behavior.

Learn more about Ambiki's Visual Schedule tool ->

Visual Schedules
Keep your kids on track during the session with a visual schedule
PDF Resources

PDF resources are visuals and manipulatives you can use in person or in teletherapy. Print them out, or upload them on a computer or tablet.

Browse through Ambiki's library, and you'll find resources perfect for targeting specific speech, language, feeding, occupational, or physical therapy goals.

Find the perfect PDF resource for your next session ->

Season Resource
Movement Resource
Butter Resource

Activity Lists


Minimal Pairs

Activity Lists

Combine Activity Lists with PDF resources or use them alone. These playlists of phonemes, blends, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs are not only perfect for speech and language therapy, but also for feeding, occupational, and physical therapy sessions.

Browse Ambiki's library of Activity Lists ->

Activity List FLash Card
Activity List

With just a click, upload an Activity List in a game. Play Spin Control or Icy Dicey to randomize list items and determine what your patient will practice next. Or have fun finding matching pairs of list items with Recollection Perfection. Also try games likes Collocation Contemplation, Minimal Pair Mayhem, and Kiki's Word Guess to make therapy more engaging!

Try out one of Ambiki's fun games ->

Icy Dicey
Make therapy fun for your kids with Icy Dicey
Minimal Pairs

Use the minimal pairs tool for speech and language therapy to choose two example words that differ by only one sound and generate a list of minimal pairs.

Easily search and filter over 55,000 minimal pairs ->

Minimal Pairs
Quickly generate a minimal pair list for your next session
Clinical Resources and References

Save reference links, access the glossary and explore a knowledge bank of industry-specific information including disorders, taxonomy, and more...

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